Enclosure manufacturing

Our products for electrical appliances, technological equipment, medical devices are quality products that meet technical standards.


Metal enclosures can be used in almost every area of ​​business. Therefore, the service of manufacturing cases for electrical appliances, equipment and medical devices is so popular.

The Lezometal company uses only high-quality metal for the production of aluminum cases, and the production facilities are equipped with modern equipment. Our employees are highly technically qualified.

Due to this, the manufacture of a metal case is a high-quality process, and each client receives a guaranteed high result.

What is the cost of manufacturing metal cases? The price of manufacturing metal cases depends on many factors:

  • the type of metal
  • number of details
  • complexity of drawings
  • detail size
  • hull complexity, etc.

By the way, you have the opportunity to get a calculation of the cost of manufacturing metal cases for free. To do this, click the "Calculate" button, fill out the form and upload the necessary drawings. Our manager will call you within an hour!

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The manufacture of aluminum cases for devices and electronics is one of the priority activities of our company. We have everything you need to fulfill orders of any complexity and volume.

What enclosures do we manufacture? Our specialists can produce metal cases of any complexity for:

  • replenishment machines
  • slot machines
  • lighting equipment
  • server technology
  • military simulators
  • vending machines
  • machine tools
  • equipment control panels.


Lezometal is an experienced manufacturer of aluminum enclosures. We produce high-quality metal structures in the shortest possible time!

Case manufacturing features

When fabricating pressurized milled cases, it is important to take into account two main parameters - deformation and stress, which will affect the case.

With proper calculations, the hull will not suffer from deformation, the walls will be thick enough to withstand the pressure, and it will not be excessive to seriously increase the cost of the structure.

Such cases have excellent heat dissipation (largely due to the one-piece molded case), so their use is fully justified in devices where heat removal is of paramount importance.

Distinctive features of such products are high strength, low weight, as well as ease of machining, usually, the body is made by milling from a single piece.

Why you need to choose us?

Why you need to choose us?
  • Quality and reliability

    All parts manufactured by us are guaranteed to be durable and wear-resistant.

  • Optimal timing

    Thanks to qualified specialists and the use of high-precision devices and software, we guarantee optimal service delivery times.

  • Delivery of orders

    We deliver orders to the destination chosen by the customer.

  • Affordable cost of services

    Prices for our services are available to both retail and wholesale buyers.

  • Technologies

    In our work, we use the latest MasterCam software that helps us in programming and modeling parts.